Content Usage Policy

Ownership of Content:

All photos and videos taken at FLAVAR events are the property of FLAVAR,

unless otherwise specified. This includes content captured by FLAVAR staff,

hired photographers/videographers, or submitted by event attendees.

License to Use:

By attending FLAVAR events, you grant FLAVAR a non-exclusive, royalty-free,

perpetual, and worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, and display any

photos or videos captured at the event for promotional and marketing purposes.

This includes, but is not limited to, use on our website, social media platforms,

marketing materials, and advertisements.


FLAVAR will make reasonable efforts to provide attribution for photos and videos

used in promotional materials. If you wish to be credited for your content, please

notify us at [contact email/phone number].

Use Restrictions:

You may not use any photos or videos captured at FLAVAR events for

commercial purposes without prior written consent from FLAVAR. This includes

selling or licensing the content to third parties.

Copyright Violations:

If you believe that FLAVAR has used your copyrighted content without

permission, please contact us immediately at [contact email/phone number] to

resolve the issue.


By attending FLAVAR events and submitting photos or videos, you agree to

indemnify and hold FLAVAR harmless from any claims, damages, or liabilities

arising from the use of your content.

Updates to Content Usage Policy:

We may update our Content Usage Policy from time to time. Any changes will

be posted on this page.

By implementing this Content Usage Policy, we aim to protect both our

customers and our company while ensuring transparency and accountability in

our content creation practices.